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My beautiful miss Aleigha Rae ❤️
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As in you don’t care if someone circumcises their son, or pierces their daughters ears. Or uses cloth diapers or decides to strictly formula feed.
Making a separate page on my blog with a list of you all!!

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Mommy’s little cowgirl !
Leigha bug and mommy !
I’m back !

After going M.I.A for awhile I’m back for good fellow mumblrs ! So Aleigha is now 3 months & so many weeks ! Time is flying by so fast it breaks my heart :( anyways fill up my ask box !

My baby girl !
Long time no post *UPDATE*

First things first…I HAD ALEIGHA ! I’ll post the whole labor & delivery story later but long story short she was born January 10 @ 10:36 pm weight 7 lbs 7oz height 19 1/2 inches (: be prepared to be spamed with Aleigha pics (;